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Tyrese Rice
Tyrese Rice

BIO: After the experiences of 2011 and 2013 Montenegro is come back in the highest continental competition led by Tanjevic, who will participate EuroBasket for the six time, with the fourth different team (Jugoslavia, Italy e Turkey). The purpose is to do better than in the past and try to pass the first phase, which can be possible with a frontcourt composed by Vucevic and by one of the hero of the beautiful season of Valencia: Bojan Dubljevic. The naturalized Tyrese Rice has to arm them; the losses for injury of Dasic and Bjelica reduce the rotations, but it could be a great occasion for some young players as Nikola Ivanovic, last year in Capo d'Orlando, and above all for the talented Popovic (point-guard of '96) e Dino Radoncic (forward of '99) who, with an experienced coach as Boscia Tanjevic, could be a great revelation

QUALIFIED: thank for the second place in the group F of the qualifying round, without much suffering, because they have lost only one match in the last day against Georgia

EYES ON: Tyrese Rice; given that in the frontcourt kilos and centimetres does not lack, in the backcourt the situation for the Montenegrins is quite different; so the point-guard ex Barcelona – already seen in Slovenia in 2013 with 17 points per game - is fundamental. He will have to arm his teammates and to guarantee a high quantity of points, that is sure the perfect role for him also to relaunch himself after a not positive season in Spain

CALENDAR: in Cluj Napoca: 01/09 vs Spain – 02/09 vs Hungary – 04/09 vs Croatia – 05/09 vs Czech Republic – 07/09 vs Romania