04.08.2017 12:30 of Lorenzo Belli   Vedi letture

BIO: In many occasion the polish team was candidate to be a possible revelation, but it has never succeed in doing an upgrade to struggle in order to get the qualification for the Olympic games or the World cup. The retirement from the national team by Gortat, never decisive with the white-reds, reopens the doors to Lampe and gives the possibility to Karnowski to show off; the rest of the core remains the same with Slaughter, the quality of Ponitka – one of the most underrated player in Europe - and the great shooter Waczynski. The team seems to have low growth potential, but the possible surprise could be the point-guard Andy Mazurczak, who has got a lot of recognition in Division II and he has well played in Greece in his first year as a professional player, obviously not a star but maybe the right player to activate his more talented teammates

QUALIFIED: winning easily its group in the qualifying round of last summer; only one defeat against Belarus

EYES ON: Mateusz Ponitka; the polish forward is growing step by step in the european basketball: after having been nominated Rising Star of Eurocup with the Zielona Gora, he went to Pinar, and now he has signed with Tenerife. A constant and continuous development for a complete and reliable player; at the age of only 24 he is playing EuroBasket for the third time, and together with Karnowski he seems to be the light for the future of the polish basketball.

CALENDAR: in Helsinki: 31/08 vs Slovenia – 02/09 vs Iceland – 03/09 vs Finland – 05/09 vs France – 06/09 vs Greece