Africa - Rwanda set to open first public basketball academy

27.01.2017 11:29 of Simone Sperduto  article read 207 times
Source: FIBA
Africa - Rwanda set to open first public basketball academy

A public basketball academy, the first of its kind, is set to open next week in the Rwandan Northern region of Musanze.

Local Ministries of Sports and Education teamed up with the Rwandan Basketball Federation to launch the ambitious project, which will benefit 30 boys and girls.

According to an official statement, the shortlisted candidates "must fulfil a condition of being talented and having completed O level to join a 3-year program."

Located at Musanze Polytechnic, the project will officially be launched on 23 January.

With basketball enjoying a growing popularity in Rwanda in recent years, the launching of a public basketball academy gives young players an opportunity of developing their skills.

"Under this initiative, WDA [Workforce Development Authority] will coordinate training, enhance competence Based Training (CBT), curriculum development, identify competent trainers and training programs in sports, provide, assessment and certification, among other tasks,” a statement reads.

Moise Mutokambali, who has served as Rwanda's head coach at FIBA Africa U18 Championship last July, welcomed the initiative.

"For children, these are endless opportunities," he noted.

The establishment of a basketball academy at Musanze Polytechnic will also be followed by other sports, including Football, Volleyball, Handball, Swimming, Athletics and Tennis and Cricket.